Sunday, February 28, 2010

Little Strips of Hapiness

Also up this month I am sending out fabrics on Monday for my month of the Fussy Cut Bee. I had such a great time making log cabins for Leanne in February for the Modern Tradition Bee that I knew immediately I needed one of those quilts in my collection as well. I have all kinds of ideas about how I am going to arrange the blocks. One thing I have been struggling with is fabric selection. I'm just not sure I have just the right composition yet. Here is what I have planned so far. Take a look:Now I need to send these out on Monday so I don't really have a ton of time to make any changes but I don't know I feel like it still needs, something. It might help if I tell you that the directions I gave my bee mates is to use a 3.5 inch fussy cut flower in the center of the block and then 2.5 inch logs around. I am going to the local fabric store during lunch on Monday since I need a bit more white fabric for my Bee Stitched blocks.

In my next post I am going to tell you all about the great lunch date I had yesterday. Stay tuned for details.


  1. Super cute! Do you need me to forward the KJR before I complete your block or can I send it along with?

  2. Oh, Greta, your fabrics are gorgeous! I love the rainbow of colors and I think it's going to look wonderful.

  3. These look fantastic together. Love the rainbow effect.


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