Monday, July 18, 2011

Freshcut Square Dance

Freshcut Square Dance is finally done!  I'm so thrilled to have this quilt finished.  I started it what seems like forever ago as part of Amanda Jean's Round and Round Quilt Along.  I had so much help with this quilt from L tracking down the jelly rolls of Freshcuts to my mom finding the backing fabric.  This one is staying with me as long as possible. 

I did make mine with a Jelly Roll of Snow and a Jelly Roll of Freshcuts that was cut by a local quilt store (for L) from yardage of Freshcuts.  I used yardage of snow later in the quilt for the larger pieces so that I did not have seams in my sections of white.  I did not have any of the problems Amanda Jean mentioned about the strips being to long.  I did sew it all with my 1/4 inch foot shortly after receiving it from my parents.  I will say that if you can afford the investment that is one sewing machine foot that I would invest in as a quilter.  It really has made a huge difference for me.

For the backing I used Elizabeth's technique to match the pattern repeat (I couldn't find it on her blog today)  and the seam together two pieces of the same fabric.  Because it was such a large seam it's not perfect but even I had a hard time spotting the seam.  I'll give you a hint it's not any of those folds you can see in the photo and it actually runs the opposite direction of those.

And just because this is such a better picture here is one of Freshcut Square Dance's beauty marks and a close up of the quilting.  I don't know maybe they will grow on me.

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