Monday, March 21, 2011

Crushed Stamps

Just when I thought the post office and I were making nice they delivered one of my swap packages with nothing inside.  Uggh!  I was so upset because I started using delivery confirmation on everything to avoid these missing packages and crazy nonsense that is my relationship with the US Post Office.  So because of that the name "Crushed Stamps" is staying.  Maybe I will change my mind if we ever make up but I doubt that will be for a long time.

 I made this quilt following along with Rachel in the Postage Stamp Quilt Along (check out the other finished quilts here).  It was a lot of fun and went together really fast.  In fact the whole thing took about a month.  My dad was nice enough to offer to have this one taken to the long arm for me and I am so grateful for that because it probably would have equaled my post office experience had I tried to do it myself.  I used Anna Marie Horner's Innocent Crush fabric line and it is quilted in a soft purple gray.

 I kept the back super simple using just one fabric and a row of left over pieces from the front.  On my Freshcut Square Dance quilt (waiting at the long arm) I tried matching up the pattern repeat and just using a solid fabric for the back.  It went together pretty well for the most part but I think I like this method of a pieced back a little better.  Especially with a big print like this one.  It is a little easier than trying to match a pattern repeat.

This one is staying at my house and it will be nice to cuddle up under it on the couch.  The Christmas quilts have officially been washed and put away for now.  So now it's on to the next.  I'm working on the boarders for Twisted Fandango and hope to have a finished top to show you all soon.


  1. This looks wonderful! I'm in the middle of working on my Innocent Crush quilt and can't get enough of these beautiful fabrics!

  2. It is lovely. Sorry to hear about all your problems with the post office. I just experienced my first lost package this week. It is very frustrating.

    I have fabric picked out to use for this quilt (using her QAL directions), but... I keep wondering about going a different direction with the fabric, LOL!
    ~ Kimberlee at The Spunky Diva 


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