Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Argh Matey

Ahoy there!  Just a quick little baby quilt to share with you today.  One of my coworkers had a baby a few months ago and this quilt has actually been sitting around for a while just waiting to have the binding finished.  So I finished sewing it down last night and have a quick spin in the washer and a tumble in the dryer it was baby ready.  I fussy cut some pieces from a focal fabric and then just arranged it in a pretty abstract way.  I was going for controlled improv.  Sorry for the less than stellar photos I realized after I got to work that I hadn't taken any.

Improv is not my strong suite.

She really threw me off a bit with the Pirate theme and because I was trying to finish it in time for a baby shower I just went with fabrics I could find here locally.  In the end I didn't finish in time for the shower and could have held out for something else but I think these colors work with the other pieces she already has in the nursery and hopefully will be a bright and cheerful addition to baby Tripp's collection.

Closer view of the front and the quilting.

For the quilting I kept it simple and just did some wavy lines on my home machine.  I kept the quilting to a minimum since I wanted the quilt to stay nice and snugly soft but I'm almost regretting not throwing a few more lines in after seeing how much it crinkled in the wash.  It finishes at about 38 by 46.

Showing off the fun fabrics on the back.

I have a bit of fabric left from this quilt.  Scraps really but there is a good part of the focal fabric I used on the front left that you could probably get quite a few fussy cut pieces out of.  I'm going to give it away to a good home so if you are interested just leave me a comment and let me know.  It will just be first come first serve.


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  2. I love this quilt. Your coworker is lucky to be getting such a great gift. I would love to have your scraps if they have not been claimed. My grandson has a pirate playroom so I am sure I could use the scraps to make something cute for him. Thanks. ~Jen mytwoandras@Yahoo.com


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