Monday, September 5, 2011

Central Rails

I finally finished something.  It feels like it has been a long time since I actually sat down and finished something.  I like some of the long term projects that I have going right now like my hexagon quilt and my Farmer's Wife Quilt but sometimes it's nice to just finish something too.  I've been a member of the Old Red Barn Quilt Along Group for a long time but this is the first quilt from that group I have actually finished.  Ironically enough it is also the first quilt that the group made.  I used two Jelly Rolls of Central Park by Kate Spain for the front and yardage of a piece for the back.  I had originally planed to use the left over fabric from the back for the binding but in the end I had enough strips from the jelly roll left to make a scrappy binding.  This is the first time I used that technique and I actually like it a lot.  So I see more scrappy bindings in the future.

Front of Central Rails
Scrappy Binding
Back of Quilt.  I kept it simple with one main fabric and just an inset of left over pieces from the front.  Easier than trying to match up the pattern repeat.
Close up of the quilting.
This quilt was quilted by a long arm quilter in a variegated yellow/orange thread in an open scroll pattern.  Fresh from the dryer and I think it has just the right amount of crinkly goodness.  I love the simpleness of the pattern but the fact that it still is visually interesting.  The fabric is great but then again Kate Spain is one of my favorite designers ever.  Hence the fact that I have WIPs in Fandango, Verna, and I'm sure something else I'm failing to remember at the moment.


  1. I know how you feel -- I need a big finish, too! This looks great, a really love this pattern!

  2. Memories .....

    That was the first real quilt I ever made and I learned so much from it. Glad you finished yours and can enjoy the finished coziness of it.


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