Monday, May 30, 2011

Not As Easy As It Seams

Hah Hah I love a good pun, don't you.  Well I spent most of the day today working on a project for a friend.  One of my coworkers found this tutorial on Sew Mama Sew and thought it would be the perfect thing for her daughter who is required to have a swimming robe at daycare.  Knowing that I quilt she asked me if I would make one up for her since she doesn't sew.  And I said yes after reading through the tutorial and assuming it would be a pretty quick and painless project.  I mean really it looked all innocent and sweet there on the page.  I spent all day on it and I'm still not done.  Bertha did not exactly appreciate me asking her to sew through a towel.  Apparently I forgot to ask her first if it was okay. 

My applique piece didn't fit and after all that work cutting it out and even using some of my precious Neptune I couldn't take no for an answer so I asked the hubs what he thought and he suggested just wrapping it around the side.  Okay so the instructions call for it to be added prior to sewing the pieces together which is why I didn't think of that.  So after I had it all sewed together I added the octopus.  I still need to add the eyes but I didn't have any black so I will have to pick that up tomorrow along with some buttons.  Overall it's a darling pattern but I don't think I would make another one.  The towel unravels very easily and it is difficult to sew through.  I have coral colored fuzz all over my sewing room.

Other than after finishing up my bag for the Goodie Bag Swap yesterday morning I decided to make a little extra goodie to go inside.  Sorry I can't show it to you yet because it is something my partner specifically asked for and I'm afraid it might give it away.  But again lets just say I was underestimated the amount of time it would take me to make and sew together the 30 hexagons needed for the project.

Speaking of hexagons did you think I had given up on that project?  Well I haven't here are just over 1000 that I have basted and I still have a ton of squares that are cut and ready to be basted.  The trouble I'm having is I can't decided on a layout.  Do I want to go all mixed up?  Keep each collection together?  But then what do I do with the random pieces I made from scraps or received in a swap?  Suggestions welcome.  Until I decided I guess I will just keep on basting hexagons.  I want it to be a lap size quilt so I still have to make a few more.

Up next my mom picked up some Central Park for the back of my quilt so I just need to piece in the strip to the back and then it will be ready to go to the quilter.  It's almost a queen size quilt and I know what I have in mind for the quilting so I won't be tackling that one on the home machine.  Time to save some pennies for quilting.  And then I am going to work on this fun project.  The original plan was to make this in lap size for the new nephew but now with the orange fabric in hand I'm not so sure I will be able to give it away.  After all he is a baby, what's he going to do with a lap sized quilt.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Love Hate Relationship

So I know I've told you about these kinds of relationships in the past but I have another one.  I have a love hate relationship with swaps.  I love to join them because it gives me the chance to meet amazing people and make something for someone else.  I hate them because when the project is done and you are sitting there waiting to find out if your partner likes it the doubt starts.  Did I get it right?  Will he/she actually like it?  Will it sit in the back of their closest unused?  Will it end up in the next box to goodwill?  This is where I am at in the Goodie Bag Swap I signed up for a while back.  My bag is done and ready to go in the mail.  I changed my mind a lot about this swap.  I wasn't really sure I had a good sense of what my partner really wanted.  I didn't want to make something to small but I didn't want to make a huge bag she wouldn't be able to carry with her either.  The inspiration mosaic had all different size and shaped bags but they did lean a little bit to the square boxy side.  So I thought I would go in that direction.  But as luck would have it I couldn't find a square bag I liked.  In the end I made this one and I really like it so I'm hoping my partner will too.  This is just a little peak.  I promise a full recap including a link to the tutorial I used once my partner has received it.

Check back tomorrow for some other projects and updates.  I plan to sew the rest of today and most of tomorrow because what better way is there to spend a day off work.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Work In Progress Wednesday #3

I didn't mean for this to turn into a once a week blog but things have been a bit crazy here lately.  I haven't spent much time with Bertha again this week.  I haven't been feeling the best and sitting at the sewing machine has just been low on the list of things to do.  I won't bore you with the details but I'm hoping that making some changes will have me feeling better and back at the sewing machine in no time.

After swearing off bees for this year my good friend Mary asked me to participate in the Bee Neptune.  A sewing bee just for those of us who love the Tula Pink line of fabric.  Since trying to track it down for my Anchors Away quilt I have developed a small collection of the line and decided that it would be okay to join in on the fun.  The bee doesn't officially get underway until June but our bee mama and first up sent out her fabric already.  I was able to finish this block up just in time to add it as a completed project to this weeks WIP Wednesday post.

I also reworked the top of my Spring Weekends quilt to make it an even 7 by 7 instead of the original 5 by 7.  This one is all basted and ready for quilting but I can't decided what color thread to use for the quilting.  I'm considering white because that what I have on hand and I wasn't able to match the aqua at my LQS.  Any suggestions?  Here's a look at the top again just in case.

Dreaming About But Not Underway:
I decided I would share some (because the list gets longer everyday) of the quilts I have planned but not started.

That does it for me this week.  Be sure to check out what everyone else is up to over here.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WIP Wednesday #2

I can't believe that it is already Wednesday again.  Where did the second half of last week and the weekend go?  I didn't spend much time with Bertha after Wednesday last week but I did manage to fit in a little sewing time.  I finished putting together the Central Park quilt top and now this one is awaiting fabric for the backing.  I do plan to send this one out to be quilted.  It is on the larger size measuring in at about 73 by 73 inches right now.  This quilt was a lot of fun to make and it went together really quickly.  I think it would make a great gift for someone.

My Spring Weekends quilt made little progress this week.  I decided to do a little reworking on this one and make it an even 6 by 6 rows.  I found this great fitted sheet at a local thrift store.  Sorry for the crummy photo.  The colors are actually a bit brighter in real life.  I've never used a sheet on one of my quilts before and I am a little nervous about how well it will hold up since I don't think this particular sheet is 100% cotton but rather a poly/cotton blend.

Freshcuts Square Dance is still at the long arm and I have yet to continue progress on Twisted Fandango.  I am still working on my string blocks for the Mod Times Quilt Along but hope to get them done as well as the next step of the quilt along this week.  I did decided on my fabric choices for my bag for the swap I am in so hopefully I will get some progress made on that soon as well.  So even though I don't have any finishes this week it is nice to be able to share where I am in the process with several projects.  Be sure to check out what everyone else is up to over here.