Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Love Hate Relationship

So I know I've told you about these kinds of relationships in the past but I have another one.  I have a love hate relationship with swaps.  I love to join them because it gives me the chance to meet amazing people and make something for someone else.  I hate them because when the project is done and you are sitting there waiting to find out if your partner likes it the doubt starts.  Did I get it right?  Will he/she actually like it?  Will it sit in the back of their closest unused?  Will it end up in the next box to goodwill?  This is where I am at in the Goodie Bag Swap I signed up for a while back.  My bag is done and ready to go in the mail.  I changed my mind a lot about this swap.  I wasn't really sure I had a good sense of what my partner really wanted.  I didn't want to make something to small but I didn't want to make a huge bag she wouldn't be able to carry with her either.  The inspiration mosaic had all different size and shaped bags but they did lean a little bit to the square boxy side.  So I thought I would go in that direction.  But as luck would have it I couldn't find a square bag I liked.  In the end I made this one and I really like it so I'm hoping my partner will too.  This is just a little peak.  I promise a full recap including a link to the tutorial I used once my partner has received it.

Check back tomorrow for some other projects and updates.  I plan to sew the rest of today and most of tomorrow because what better way is there to spend a day off work.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel, but this one looks like a winner to me!


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