Friday, May 3, 2013

Finish it up Friday (Posh Enigma)

Is it still Friday?  I was just about to run out of light to take pictures today as I finished sewing the last stitches of hand binding on my Posh Enigma quilt.  I still can't believe I started this quilt over 4 years ago.  I knew it wasn't my style any more after leaving it sitting in my closet unfinished for so long.  When I first bought the fabric to make the backing for this quilt I didn't get enough.  So it sat and sat then one day I had it out of the closet and just happen to see a piece of leftover Bliss from the back of a baby quilt I had made and I knew it would work perfect on the back of this quilt.  So I pieced the back and took it to the quilter.
Posh Enigma
Front and Back 
Close up of quilting

It's finished now and thanks to the help of some readers during WIP Wednesday I have some choices now of ways to send it to benefit those impacted by the explosion in West, TX.  So I feel great having another finish under my belt and even better knowing that this quilt that I no longer love won't languish unused for much longer and hopefully will find its way to someone who will love it for a long time.  And hopefully they will know every time they see it that there are people out there thinking about them and praying for them in their time of need and long after.


  1. What a wonderful idea to make this quilt a part of the healing process!

  2. Perfect little blue border!


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