Monday, May 20, 2013


That about sums up how I feel about this quilt.  It's been a long time coming but I am so happy that I finally have the top of my Swoon quilt finished up.  Now I just need to sew one long seam on my backing and it will be ready to take to the long arm.  I am putting this quilt on my list of WIP's for the summer wip challenge the Virginia Beach Modern Quilt Guild is hosting.  We each submitted 4 projects we want to have finished and pay $5 then we will showcase the finished projects at our September meeting.  Those who participate and complete their 4 items are entered into a drawing to win the pot of money and another great prize.

I managed to finish up my last two blocks for this quilt on Saturday night.  I had planned to sew a lot more on Saturday after our guild meeting but for some reason I just wasn't feeling it.  So I finished the blocks and then moved on to other chores.  There is always more to be done then there are hours in the day anyway.

I figure by September I should be able to get this one back from the quilter and have the binding on.  Since imitation is the highest form of flattery I'm hoping Camille won't be offended that I plan to have this one quilted in the same baptist fans as her original swoon quilt.  I mean after all why mess with perfection.

I really loved the layout of Camille's original quilt and so I wasn't really thinking when I sewed the top together.  I was just sort of following along with the picture.  I almost wish now I would have switched up a few of the blocks.  See at the last minute I did switch the order of the bottom row so that my three blocks with the red centers made a diagonal line through the middle.  If I had planned ahead I think I would have switched it so the two red and gray blocks were on opposite corners from one another.

And of course because sewing is never easy at my house, I managed to run out of thread while I was sewing on the final borders.  And I don't mean just ran out of the thread I was using I mean I am out, empty can't sew any more until I go to the store.  I was in panic mode at that point because I was so close to being done I could taste it and well lets face it there isn't anywhere in my area to get thread at 5pm on a Sunday.  So I scrounged through all of my stuff and managed to find a almost dead spool of thread that was acceptable.  It too is now empty and so there will be no more sewing until I go to the store.  Unless of course I want to sew with black thread but since I sew so much with light colors I don't see that happening right now.

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