Sunday, August 28, 2011

Me, Myself, and Irene

That movie has been playing on TV all day for the last two days now.  I think it is the cable companies attempt at a little humor.  Living on the east coast of Virginia and growing up on the east coast of North Carolina hurricanes aren't really a new thing for me.  Now that earthquake we had last week, that made me nervous.  I know people in California were laughing at us because we all freaked out over something that most veteran earthquake dwellers would have laughed off and said you call that an earthquake but it was the first time I ever experienced that and hopefully it will be the last.  My hats off to you guys who find it to be no big deal.  We made it through Irene pretty much without a scratch here at my house, in fact we never even lost our power.  Now my brother who lives about 4 blocks away is still without power but I imagine they will get it back pretty soon.

Hurricane prep

The damage from Irene.  Nothing major just a pile of downed limbs.

Trimmings from the blocks for my current quilt.
The good thing about bad weather on the weekend is not feeling guilty about sitting inside sewing.  I didn't actually sew much because our power was surging a little and I was afraid something bad would happen to Bertha but I did manage to get a bunch of blocks trimmed up for a quilt I am currently working on.


  1. Greta? We weren't laughing at you about the earthquake! OK MAYBE a little giggle but when it snows here we realize you guys have it ALL over us! We have been praying for you during Irene tho! If it's anything we understand in Seattle is TOO MUCH WATER! Glad you made it thru!

  2. Happy to hear your made it thru without much happening!
    I've only felt an earthquake tremor once, just a wee one while I was sitting on the floor with preschoolers doing circle. We were singing and none of the children even noticed!!!


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