Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Twisted Fandango Part 2

I went and got some Kona Snow today so I could work on the next part of my twisted fandango quilt tonight.  Not sold on the name so please suggestions welcome.  Once the layer cake squares are sew together the directions call for adding a six and a half inch boarder all the way around.  At this point the quilt will look something like this.  Again I could have been happy stopping here and having a very simple pretty quilt.

A few things I learned at this point.  The instructions included with the ruler/template only called for a 1 1/4 yards for the borders and suggested cutting by length of fabric.  If I were doing this step again I would have just bought a bit more yardage and cut one continuous piece for the boarders.  It isn't really a big deal but I'll show you later why I make that suggestion.

One of my big concerns about this project was the amount of fabric that would be wasted.  Here is a picture of what mine looked like with the first set of blocks cut out.  Really not to bad, once the second row was cut out I had about a 4 by 5 inch pieces left from the middle.  I don't think this is to much waste because that size scrap is big enough to use in a lot of different projects.  I plan to use mine in my borders but they would be a welcome addition to the scrap bin as well.

Here are my first two rows sewn together.  As you can see it does shrink a lot from the previous arrangement but I think it will be a nice size throw quilt to cuddle under.  Look for more updates on the progress of this one as I move along I'll be sure to share.

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