Monday, February 28, 2011

Twisted Fandago

I was reading today about how some of these super crafty seemingly super hero women get so much done in a day and one of them mentioned that they schedule there blog post the night before.  This is going to be my first attempt at typing up a blog post and setting the auto scheduler.  Sometimes I just don't have the motivation during the work week to sew and blog so I am hoping this might help me out a little with updating more often.

So after I finished the baby quilt, I wanted some pretty easy sewing.  I have been avoiding my machine for a while, no I don't really know why it just seemed like the thing to do.  But remember that ruler I showed you that my mom and I picked up at the quilt show?  It is called "Twister" and it's from Country Schoolhouse.  We opted for the larger ruler which is meant to be used with a layer cake.  I didn't buy the book so I was a little concerned about how things would turn out but as it is there are very basic instructions included with the ruler for a 61" by 61" quilt.  See you sew the squares together very basic like in a 6 by 6 design.  I had to stop there because I didn't have the solid yardage I needed to add the boarder.  I suppose you could stop here and just have a very nice easy quilt top with large squares to feature some of your favorite fabrics.

In this case however, you use the twister template to make a fun pinwheel design.  Well you already know how much I like pinwheels.  It seems to me like there is going to be a lot of fabric waste.  I wanted to capture the whole process on this one, something I hardly ever do.  I am using a Fandango layer cake and I think it looks just lovely in it's current state but I'm excited to see how the pinwheels turn out as well.  Right now I am planning to use white for the boarder around the squares which will actually become part of some of the pinwheels and then a blue or coral color for the outer boarder.  I'm not really sure but I'm actually just thinking about ordering yardage of one of my favorite prints for the outer boarder. Although depending on how much waste there actually is I might be able to make a scrappy boarder.  I think on this one I really am going to just take it one step at a time instead of trying to plan it all out.  Besides isn't that really more fun anyway.

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