Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Blissful Quilt

I wanted to make something easy for a baby quilt because one of my coworkers specifically asked if I would make a quilt for her little girl.  My mom told me I should make a tumbler quilt but of course I was resistant because I thought it would be super hard.  Turns out all I needed was two charm packs and a ruler she had to put this together in a matter of hours.  I'm waiting for some fabric to come so I can add a border to make it a little larger but I think it is a sweet little quilt.

If you haven't checked out Missouri Star Quilt Company be sure to do so.  They usually have a great deal of the day and you can get that and anything else you order for $5 shipping.  It's a pretty good deal.  The ruler is their design and it really does make minimal waste because it is designed to be used with precuts.  Check out the tutorial here

I am lacking a name for this quilt.  The best I could think of was Blissful Tumbler and I'm not sure that will really give the expectant mom the warm wishes I am hoping for her.  Your ideas are greatly appreciated.


  1. Tumblers always look like cups to me, how about "Cup Half Full?" Maybe it isn't "baby" enough??

  2. What about Tumbling Baby Bliss? Or just Baby Bliss?

  3. No ideas for the quilt name but I think it will be lovely when its finished.


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