Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Twisted Fandango Part 3

I am really surprised at how quickly this quilt is coming together.  The top has all been re cut and sewn back together again.  Now unfortunately I have to put it away while I await some additional fabric that I ordered so I can finish it up.  The whole process so far has been super quick and easy.

If you are planning on making a quilt like this I do have a few tips though.  Line up all of your seems.  I know that sewing precuts together is suppose to make life easy but they do sometimes have a slight variance.  The more exact your corners are when you sew together the original layout the better your finished pinwheels will look.  We already talked about the continuous boarder but again I would recommend it.  As I was sewing the rest of my blocks together I ended up with one small piece that was less than and inch big.  It's no big deal really but I don't like unnecessary seams.  Also remember that once you turn and cut the fabric you are working with the bias.  It stretches really easily so you have to be careful not to pull on the pieces and stretch them.  And my last bit of advice would be to press.  After moving the top around so much to re cut the blocks they really needed a good pressing as I went to ensure that they were cut properly.

But there you have it, my almost finished twisted fandango quilt.  I must have really found my sewing spark because I didn't sit and sew for hours on end but I was able to sew this quilt up less the boarders in just a few days.  Now I am looking forward to starting on my Swell quilt while I wait on the fabric for the boarders of twisted fandango.  Still not really digging that name, any ideas?


  1. It looks great! I have one of those Twister rulers - the small one for charm packs - but I haven't used it yet. Now I'm inspired!

  2. LOve the look of this...I am going to have to get myself a Twister tool...looks fun!


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