Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday #8

I know I missed WIP Wednesday last week but the trouble was I started writing my post and really had nothing to say.  I don't want to become so redundant that you guys stop reading.  Maybe it was because of that I decided I might actually sew something this week.  Trouble is most of my sewing time has been absorbed right now into packing and cleaning time as we get ready to move and with the hubs celebrating his birthday this past weekend family time was pretty much non optional.  So that all equates to not much sewing time.

On the Design Wall:
20 Farmer's Wife Quilt Along Blocks (I'm missing photos of 5 of them)
I did manage to continue progress on my Farmer's Wife Quilt Along despite a few bumps in the road with the farmer.  I currently have 25 blocks done which means I am almost a quarter of the way through this quilt.  It's funny how addictive these little blocks can be.  I love seeing them all together there and am excited at how this quilt is progressing.
Pure Elements
I received this beautiful stack of fabric in the mail from a good friend which gave me the opportunity to start working on the Summer Sampler Quilt Along.  I know I know but really what's one more project.  Since I'm just getting started and the group is already on block 7 with a rate of 3 blocks a week I know I won't be able to get caught up and finish this one along with the group but I'm hoping not to run too far behind schedule.

Block # 1 Star of Virginia
Block # 2 Greek Cross

At the Quilter:
Spring Weekends (I still need to order that thread)
Central Park
Max and Wiskers in Fast Forward

Gathering Dust:
Mod Times Quilt Along Quilt
UNC Quilt for the Hubs

In the Minds Eye:
Anchors Away
Verna Stars
Origins Lattice Quilt
Sunny Trails

I think that's it for me.  Head on over to Lee's to see what everyone else is up to this week.

PS-Is anyone else still having trouble with blogger not letting them leave comments?  I've been locked in a never ending loop of logging in for the last two weeks whenever I try to comment and it's really driving me bonkers.  Suggestions as to how some of you fixed that problem welcome, I don't like not leaving comments almost as much as I don't like getting them.

Edited to Add: Thanks for the tips ladies!  I was able to log out and log back in with out the box checked and it seems to have worked.  So silly how such a little thing can make such a difference.


  1. I haven't had trouble with comments, so I can't share a way to fix it. But. . . here is one discussion about it:

  2. I had that problem too, and someone suggested to opt out of the "leave me logged in" option when you sign in. SO, I logged out, and logged back in but unchecked the box that says "keep me logged" in or whatever. Seems to have fixed the problem! Great FWQAL blocks, and love those colors for your summer sampler :D

  3. Beautiful Farmer's Wife blocks. And I'm going to use Pure Elements for the Summer Sampler too. That fabric is just luscious--I love the way it feels!

  4. oh, your summer sampler is looking great!! love it in solids, don't you?!

  5. I worry some too about people getting bored with my posts LOL
    My goal is to sew or work on a quilt at least a little each day even if it's just 10 or 15 minutes. Right now I'm getting married in 2 days so my main concern is that, but I have been trying to get some things done around cleaning up the house (which isn't really happening with 5 grandchildren currently living with us).


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