Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Farmer's Wife Quilt Along Week 8

Week 8 Group Shot

I don't know about you but my fields could use some extra water this week.  I only managed to sew up three blocks worth reporting on.  I sewed one more but it turned out a smidgen too small again.  I was having a lot of trouble with my blocks coming out just a little short of the 6.5 inch block when I used the templates.  Moving to a scant 1/4 inch seemed to help but then after making another block this weekend which came out short even with the scant 1/4 inch seam I went back to the discussion boards.  I thought my printer was printing correctly since my square templates were all printing at the correct sizes.  Turns out it was shrinking them down after all.  Once I discovered that I made up two more blocks using templates and they turned out fine.  My total block count right now is 22 done.  But I am considering remaking 2 of them to make them a perfect 6.5 inches and 2 more blocks are in the running to be remade because I used a solid in them.  I can't decided if I should remake them or just mix in the solid to more blocks going forward so that they will all blend together.  It's just some Kona Snow and it looks fine with the fabrics.

Block # 15 Buzzard's Roost
Block # 20 Churn Dash

Block # 39 Friendship
And just for fun I would love if someone could tell me the difference between Block # 20 the Churn Dash and block # 111 Wrench.  I swear to you I don't see a difference at all.  I thought this was amusing because she mentions needing one more block and not wanting to pick a favorite to have a duplicate of.  I guess subconsciously maybe Churn Dash was her favorite.


  1. Hopefully the printing fix has solved all the problems... I must admit templates scare me :)

  2. Love your blocks!!!
    I've ordered the same fabric and the book and I'm just waiting (patiently?) for everything to arrive!
    I wasn't going to do this quilt along because of all the templates BUT Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet gives wonderful tutorials on blocks without having to use all the scary templates!!!
    She also gives a lot of other great sewing tips!
    Good luck with your quilt!

  3. Your blocks are great! I love your fabrics. I need to make 4 blocks this week in order to catch myself up!


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