Monday, March 1, 2010

A Lunch Date, A Change in Plans, & A Pinwheel or Two

WOW! Do I have a lot to say today or what. I hope you have a cup of coffee or your pick of poison because you might be settling down for a while to hear all of this. Let's start with Saturday. I had an amazing lunch date with DeeRoo and her amazing family. I'm not sure who had the best time but I know I really enjoyed meeting her and her wonderful sister (who I might mention is a great resource for technology and blog questions, don't hate me I'm just putting it out there) and mother. We meet at the Quilt Show in front of the Webfabrics booth (lets just say I think I might have paid her salary for the next month or so) since Dee works at that store (don't mind if I call you Dee, do you?). Then we exchanged goodies and I got a real treat bag full of all kinds of scraps from Delores, Dena Wayne, and Stephanie Allgood. Thanks ladies! Where was that bag when I was cutting all those three inch squares. Guess I have to find another great scrap busting pattern. Dee does that make you an enabler? Are you going to the races? Dena I'm sorry you missed it but hopefully you can make it next year. Followed up with lunch at Cracker Barrel where we had good food and good company.

Next up a change in plans. You know how you have your mind set on one thing and it never works out. Well when I was planning my star quilt for Bee Stitched I really wanted to use gray instead of white but the only gray my local quilt store had was slate and it was too dark and too blue. I settled on quilter white from P&B. Last night as I was getting everything ready to go into today's mail I ran out of white. So at lunch I ran back to the quilt store to get more, guess what they were out of this time. Yup you guessed it no more white. And nothing even close to what I had bought. I mean they had muslin and blends and all sorts of white on white prints but no plain white quilters cotton. Oh no that would have been too easy. So on my way back out the door as I was trying to think what to do next I noticed the kona wall looking much fuller so I walked over and wow they had gray. Not just gray they had ash, medium gray, dark gray, slate, and something else which was in the gray family but whose name escapes me now. I settled on the medium gray and now I have my packages ready to go in the mail tomorrow and I am a happy camper because I got what I wanted to start with. I love the way the bright colors pop with the gray.

And finally, yesterday was spent mostly babysitting but while she was napping I did manage to finish three out of four of my pinwheel blocks for weeks one and two of the pinwheel sampler quilt along over at Rachel's. I am using Honky Dory and a butter yellow. I had the yellow from a previously failed plan and I thought I was going to be using a lot of white in my two quilt bee quilts so I thought the yellow matched nicely and would be a nice touch. Well I have eliminated white from the first of those two quilts and if they had, had more than 6 yards of the gray I might have eliminated it from the second one as well. I guess one white quilt is a necessary evil though. And I do like the way it looks.

Overall I am happy with these blocks. The point is off on one of them which is frustrating but since I don't have the full layout of the quilt yet I don't want to remake it just yet. I hate the thought of buying another layercake for just one square so I am going to just wait a bit and see what I have left at the end.


  1. Sounds like a fun day. I want to hang out with you guys!!!

  2. Sounds like a fun day. Love the fabric squares against the gray. That is going to look awesome. The pinwheels are so cute. I love pinwheels in all their forms.

  3. Better late than never, but it was great to meet you and your family, Greta!! Thanks for the shout out. You've got a nice little thing goin' on here. It's pretty cozy. =)


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