Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sneak Peak

Remember all of those little stacks of happiness that I had a few weeks back. Well they were mailed off and most of the members of my team have gotten them in their hot little hands. One of those bee members finished hers up already which made my day yesterday. I think I love this block even more now than when I picked it out to start with. I am also so glad that the white fabric didn't work out because I think the gray was defiantly the right choice here. I love the way it makes the colors pop without the starkness of the white. I love how a few of the small blocks appear to be fussy cut. I don't know if that was intentional of just luck but I love it none the less.I am really happy that there are so many fabrics and colors in this quilt because it will make it so beautiful. I am gushing with the excitement of seeing more of these beauties finished and posted on flickr so I can look at them everyday. And then jump up and down because this is going to be my quilt. My very own quilt.

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  1. Man, how much do I love your choice to use gray on this block! The bright colors just pop against it--perfect! =)


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