Friday, March 19, 2010

What Does a 1/2 Yard Look Like

I'm just going to go on and say it. I am not a Heather Ross fabric junkie. I know a lot of people who spend endless hours online looking for these hard to find Munki Munki prints. I know how they feel because it took me forever to find the small bits of Flea Market Fancy that I have. Well earlier this week I saw that had the Mendocino collection on sale for $3.95 a yard. Well I had been thinking about ordering some of the bright pink seahorses anyway to go into my spider web quilt but I hadn't been 100% on it. I figured at this price I would order 1/2 a yard of a couple of prints and give it a try. So I got my package and here is what I got:

My first disappointment was in finding the strips I ordered weren't in the bad. Instead I had 1/2 a yard of Kelp Forrest. It's that dark brown one. Okay not big deal I think and I call them. Unfortunately they are sold out of the strips but I got a store credit and I get to keep the Kelp Forrest. I know from a group that at least three other people received this same substitution. I didn't originally order the kelp Forrest because I didn't see it listed on the website.

I read some dialog throughout the week on how great is along with a few negatives. This is only the second order I have placed with them and the first time I didn't really notice a lot of the things that were pointed out to me because it was an order that my mom and I placed together and it was shipped to her house. (Mom I remembered it was the pink City Girls fabric) This time I noticed. The website boast of a minimum of an extra inch in every yard cut. Well when the ends are crazy crooked I would expect them to do something like this. The plus is they know it is a problem and they plan ahead of time to fix it. The bags look like they just threw it all in there. Well I haven't ironed these fabrics yet so, yes you can see from the photos they are pretty wrinkled and they were quite disheveled in the bag. But really what does a 1/2 yard cut of fabric look like? I have order 1/2 yards in the past and that is exactly what I got. In this case I was only charged for 1/2 yards in all of these prints but you can see I received much more. The ruler in this photo is a 23 inch ruler for reference. The smallest piece at the top measure 20 inches. AMH has a few prints that have now made it to the 50% off select over on so I am already planning my next order.


  1. I have not ordered from before so I can't comment on how good (or not) they are. As for half yds. Some companies have excellent presentation. I love Hawthorne Threads. The fabric is flawlessly folded and presented and they ship suuuuperfast! was a little slower in sending but still well within expected limits and when I opened the package they had wrapped up the flawlessly folded fabric with a lovely fabric bow and included a personal message. No wrinkles anywhere.

    It's the attention to detail and personal touch I really like but I also think if you are getting designer fabric that cheaply and generously cut too, you maybe cannot expect the same attention to detail. Maybe I should have a look at that sale section!!

  2. Wow that's crazy. I canceled the only order I had with them because they said they didn't have the fabric that was the main thing I wanted. If I was going to have to order from somewhere else I might as well do the whole order from somewhere else. Looks like despite the shoving in the bag and the substitution, you get a good bit for your money.


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