Friday, February 26, 2010

Little Stacks of Happiness

I finally finished cutting all of the 3 inch blocks to send to my bee buddies from Bee Stitched. In the end I decided on this block:

It looks a lot harder than it really is. When you break it down it is two different 4 patches turned in different directions to make the stars. I will have to cut plenty more squares if I end up deciding to do little stars in the boarders like in the inspiration quilt. Over all I have more than 65 fabrics going into this quilt. Some are in every pile and some are not. I also left it open to my bee members to swap out for some of their favorites with a few specifications. I know I can be picky but I want this one to be something I absolutely love.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! Greta this block is awesome. I am envious of the bee buddies who get to play with this one, such fun fabric. Ya done good, girl!! Hope we get something this fun over at the Circuit Block Party when your month comes around. Gets me thinking!!!

  2. Love the picture of the bits and pieces. It is so much easier to complete blocks when the sending member does the prep work (and asks for a specific block). Blocks based on Red Pepper's quilt are popping up in lots of bees. I'll be watching as this one develops. I'm interested in the directions you send to your fellow bee mates if you're willing to share.

    (almost typed my email but I think you told me it was linked...thank you!)

  3. Wow Greta you have put a lot of work into that one. I can't wait until it is your turn for Modern Tradtion Quilt Bee

  4. So many little squares to cut!


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