Monday, February 22, 2010

Growing Collection

It's a little hard to believe that just two weeks ago I had never seen a piece of flea market fancy in person. I had literally drooled over it in so many beautiful quilts on blogs and in the Material Obsession book but I had never actually seen it up close much less held a piece. Well through a few well timed swaps, a new bee buddy, and some Christmas money I know have a bit of a collection. Now I know there are people out there who were lucky enough to purchase this fabric when it first came out and they have been hoarding it scared to cut into it ever since. Not me here is the one and only picture of my little collection you will probably ever see. Because right after I took it I started cutting. The posies arrived in the mail today so I snapped the photo and then started right in. See I have plans for all of these prints to be in a couple of bee blocks for March and i need to get those packets out in the mail. So I am trying to get them all ready to package up before the end of the week. I already know they won't be there by March 1st because of the big quilt show I am going to this weekend. Well lets just say I am a realist and I know that if I send the packets off tomorrow or Wednesday I will be sure to find something at the vendors tables that I will know should have been in those quilt blocks. Hope my bee buddies don't mind to much.


  1. Those fabrics are just gorgeous you lucky girl

  2. this blocy looks fabulous- what fun inspiration is out there! I can't wait for the fabric!


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