Saturday, February 6, 2010

Where do you get Inspiration

When I first became interested in quilting a little over a year ago now I spent tons of time online reading blogs and pouring over all of the advice. To afraid to actually cut into fabric and make something of my own. I came across this quilt that I was in LOVE with. I would look at it every two or three days and imagine making one of my own. At first I wasn't even sure I liked the fabric though I really liked the colors and knew it would match my master bedroom perfectly. A few months back I was happy to read a post on the original blog about how someone has asked for help and created a similar quilt with all of the credit being given to the original quilt. That made my heart sing because I have read tons of times on blogs about my fellow bloggers stumbling across replicas of their work with no credit being given. It has to leave a bad taste in your mouth which is why I try to always link back to original post and make sure even inspirational credit is given.

When Sarah posted this photo for the inspiration for her blocks for our bee-stitched group I thought I was dreaming. I had admired these two quilts for so long that I thought it was wonderful I was now going to have the opportunity to help create one. Here's the fabric that she sent.

In my blocks I really struggled because I felt like they needed more solids if they were going to be based around the original quilt designs. So I dug in my stash (it's pretty small still) and pulled out a Kona light tan (sorry I don't know the real name) to supplement the blocks. I like my second block a lot better than the first. The first one I made feels like something is missing to me but I'm not sure what it is. But then when I put the two side by side I think that I really like them together. So hopefully Sarah will too.

I am considering making one myself now with this collection. I think it still has the great colors of the original quilt and will match our bedroom well. And I think the patterns can be used in a minimal way that will flow well with the lines that I am looking for.

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