Monday, February 15, 2010

Sneak Peak

So I started getting all of my fabric together for March for the Spider Web Bee and then I pulled up my list of address to do the envelopes and somehow I missed that when we got the finally list some of the months had been rearranged and I'm not until May. Oh well it works out fine because it gives me time to find a few more orange fabrics I would really like to include. So I switched gears and started getting things together for my Bee Stitched group and my Fussy Cut Bee because I am in fact sending out fabrics for both of those bees in March. It works out pretty well because the block I chose for my month in Bee Stitched is a scrap busting block so while cutting my fabrics for my Fussy Cut bee and the strips for the Spider Web Bee I just cut an extra strip of each fabric and trimmed them down to the right size. Since I don't have a lot of scraps yet this is the easiest way to do it. Of course I am going to encourage all my Bee Stitched buddies to feel free to add any of their own designer scraps to the blocks as well but I want to be sure they have enough to work with in case they don't have a lot of scraps or in case they love my block so much they have to make one of their own and so then don't want to share (Just kidding girls you have already proven a hundred times over that you love to share. Just thought I would follow suit and give a little sneak peak at some of what will be heading their way.

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  1. Love the photo of those fabrics. I love that you are in so many bees. I need to join one someday.


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