Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hidden Treasure

Back in December I spent way more time then I should have surfing the Internet and checking out amazing blogs during Sew Mama Sew's giveaway day. I was lucky enough to win a few things during that time. When the packages arrived I ripped into them super excited to see my winnings. Solidia sent me three wonderful fat quarters that I tucked into my fabric bag thinking I would play with them later. It was a nice selection in "Christmas" colors and I thought I would do something for next year with it, since I was already way behind. This week I have spent a lot of time online looking at fabrics and have been lucky enough to add some great pieces to my collection. Of course you have already seen I treated myself to some pink seeds. In addition to that I have some much desired Erin Michael's Lush fabric on the way to me thanks to Dorrie one of my bee buddies who works for a fabric store and just happened to stumble across some forgotten bolts in a storage unit. Another bee buddy of mine was lucky enough to score big with some flea market fancy in what I will admit is my favorite of all the prints. Yes I love this print even more than the seeds hard to believe I know but there is something about the bright orange and gray combo that makes me happy. Anyway thanks to my bee buddies and their kindness I was able to get some great deals on some amazing fabrics. In my online search this week I discovered that there are some prints from the Katie Jump Rope line that I'm also quite found of so I started looking around. Go figure it is another hard to find fabric line and people are already going crazy with some of the prints on ebay and etsy but I will not break again. Nope not going to pay some crazy amount for a tiny piece of fabric. I can do without. But I have digressed again.

As I was putting away my pink seeds tonight I took another look at the fabrics I had won. What!?! Is that...why yes it is. I have two fat quarters of Katie Jump Rope and a Joel Dewberry Lush fabric there. And that makes for a happy ending to a not so great day.

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  1. Oh I remember seeing you'd won these! Congrats.


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