Monday, April 25, 2011

Return of the Mojo

After whipping up Spring Weekends this past weekend I found myself with time left in the day and a desire to keep on sewing.  It's been a long time since I felt like I was able to really sit down with Bertha and accomplish something.  I joked with my good friend Leanne who's been MIA for a while that I was glad she came back and brought my mojo with her.  I had a jelly roll of Central Park and no specific plans but a quilt I had seen a while back that I couldn't get out of my head.  I don't typically like to make a quilt in the same fabrics that I've seen someone else use.  Don't ask me why I'm just big on changing it up some at the very least by using different fabrics.  But Laura's quilt was just so stunning.  I've been a member of the Old Red Barn group over on flickr for a long time but I've never actually made one of the quilt along quilts.  Okay well I started the hexagon quilt but lets not talk about that.  Regardless it felt good to have a plan and to have something I could work on while looking for a vintage sheet for the back of Spring Weekends. (Which incidentally I found today at the very first thrift store I went to.  I expected it to take a lot longer.)

 I was able to get the jelly roll strips all sewn together into sets of six.  The next step is to cut these strips down into blocks and then sew them back together into a top somewhat like a rail and fence pattern.  I'm really excited about this one too because I think it will be big enough to replace our bulky comforter on the bed for the Spring and Summer.  I'm one of those people who has to have covers but hates to be hot so something light will be just the ticket.


  1. Too funny -- I didn't know you hadn't actually quilted along over at ORB! The first pattern still might be my favorite -- I keep it on the couch all the time. I think you'll love it!

    My ticker tape quilt is still only one quarter of the way done. Who knows when I'll finish it!

  2. Glad you found your mojo! If you see mine will you please send it back?? Actually I've been quilting my latest quilt and it's almost done but I'm itching to get my next quilt top going. Your strip sets look so great ... that's one of my favorite fabric lines! Can't wait to see them transforming themselves into a quilt top :)


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