Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Foiled Plans

Last night while the vintage sheet was in the washer I had planned to cut my blocks for the Central Park Quilt and get busy sewing.  Unfortunately it didn't work out like that.  My jelly roll only yielded enough for half of the blocks I need for the quilt.  So I am putting that one on hold while I wait for another jelly roll to arrive (have to wait until next payday to order it).  In the mean time I went ahead and got started on the next thing on my to do list.  I decided that I wanted to do the Mod Times Quilt Along.  Now I don't have any kids of my own yet but I do have a brand new nephew not to mention the number of people at work having babies so i thought it couldn't hurt to put a few baby quilts away in the closet for those times when I need a gift but just don't feel like making something right then.

One of my goals for this year was to try and think outside the box a little more.  This quilt along is great and I could have just picked a great print and went about it the easy way.  But no not me I decided I needed to be more complicated then that and I needed to make my rectangles from rainbow colored string blocks.  I've had plenty of practice with paper foundation piecing since being apart of the Spider Web Bee last year.  I made my first few blocks.  I can't decide which way I like them better.  The first block I tried to go in ROY G BIV order but since I am making two of my rectangles from one paper foundation only half of the rainbow ended up in the block (not to mention I forgot the yellow) and then because of a piece that was too short I ended up cutting the second side of the block down into two of my needed squares.  The second one I pieced I used a more random plan and just grabbed whichever strip happened to be there.  What do you think, do you have a preference as to which looks better? 


  1. I think they all looks great and will look wonderful together.


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