Monday, April 18, 2011

Feeling the Love

I've been having a lot of conversations lately with one of my good friends about how I can improve my little corner of the blogging community.  We've talked about things like taking better photos, posting more consistently, and writing tutorials.  All of those things sound great in theory.  My own conflict with myself is that I want my blog to be consistent and focused just on my quilting projects.  If I start talking about other things I'm afraid I will become a big jumbled mess.  So I started doubting my reasons for even maintaining a blog.  Truthfully when I first started it was all about having somewhere to display all of my bee badges and then it became something more, something fun.  I'm open to any suggestions you have for making this little bit of the blogging world better.  So as I was wrapped in my blanket of self doubt Beth nominated me for an award.  Thanks Beth

Let me tell you a little about my history with Beth.  Beth hosted the first swap I ever participated in which was a Scrappy Holiday Squares block.  You may remember me talking about this around Christmas time because my mom surprised me last year for my birthday with one of the charity tree skirts made from that swap.  You can read more about that here.  I didn't realize until a little more recently when Beth started commenting that she was actually still following my blog.  That realization reminded me that one of my goals for this year is to leave more comments because I read a ton of blogs where I have never said anything so the author of those blogs probably doesn't even see me out there reading.  One more thing about Beth, she is going to be someone to watch ladies, I don't know if she knows it yet but she has a talent for design and I know she is working hard at getting some patterns released.  Hey Beth if you ever need a pattern tester just let me know and then remember the little people when you hit it big.

Okay so the rules of this award are really simple.  All you have to do is link back to the person who nominated you and then nominate three blogs yourself.  One thing I love about this award in particular is that it is meant to highlight smaller blogs.  Those blogs you love to read but feel guilty about keeping to yourself.  So my nominees are Mary, Leanne, and Lesly (Girls if you don't want to participate then feel free to pass.)

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  1. Yay! Thanks so much for the sweet words! You've made a blah day brighter!


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