Sunday, April 17, 2011


52 is the number of seams I ripped out today so that I could trim 52 HST to 2 inches.  Last Saturday my mom and I had a sewing date and I haven't touched Bertha since.  Today I decided to get back to it and I picked up my Hello Betty quilt again.  Now might be a good time to mention that my house is in total disarray as my brother in law has moved in with us for a while.  Needless to say I wasn't prepared when I got to my mom's last weekend.  I forgot my 1/4 inch foot among many other things.  In my haste I went ahead and sewed those little HST to the ends of the strips thinking that I could always fix them later.  Yeah that didn't work out quite like I saw it in my head so the seam ripper it was.

But in the end I finished all of the blocks and now I'm ready to start sewing the quilt top together.  Even though Corey's instructions were easy enough to follow I had a really hard time with these blocks.  I have a particular way I like to make HST and if I had thought it through enough I would have just stuck to what I know instead.  Also I have found that when using precuts it's a little more fussy to get everything just so.  I don't know if it's because there are slight variances in the precuts, if it's because those little spikes on the ends kind of freak me out, or if I just don't know how to sew a straight line.  In any case I always find cutting up precuts and putting them back together to be a little more complicated.

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