Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Irony at it's Finest

 At the risk of offending someone I thought I would tell you guys about my next project...

City Weekends Baby Quilt by my Mom
I was talking with my mom today about my last blog post because she has been out of town and was oblivious to what I was talking about.  During that conversation my mom was sharing her thoughts with me on how when she first started quilting she was only drawn to what "modern quilters" would call calico prints.  As I started quilting I never once told my mother I thought her choices were bad.  What I did do was send her lots of pretty fabric photos to look at and links to some of the blogs I like to read.  Please understand I didn't do this to change my moms opinions.  I wasn't trying to influence her into liking the same things I did but rather I wanted to introduce to her that there were other options out there.  I realized in this process that my mom was picking up designer names and it became a little challenge to her to see if she could identify a designer or line in a photo I sent her about my next project.  To me (which is just my opinion at the risk of offending someone) my mom now uses a mix of "modern" and "old school" fabrics.  I used "old school" because I don't have a better word for it right now.  Sometimes my mom picks things that I wouldn't and sometimes I can see her picking over at my project when we get to sew together and I know she's thinking "I don't like that!"  But that's okay because we are both making things we really enjoy.

Polka Dot Remix Baby Quilt by my Mom
I say all of this to tell the back story of what I'm about to blog about.  Wasn't that nice.  In this conversation my mom thanked me for teaching her about designers and showing her there were other options out there.  I call this irony because today in my mail box I got a Hello Betty Layer Cake that I ordered for my next project.  Yes, Hello Betty as in a very retro vibe kind of print.  I don't know what it is about this line because I don't really like retro.  I'm not typically drawn to reproductions or the anything with that retro vibe.  I know a lot of people from my generation are collecting "vintage" but it just never really appealed to me.  This line though has been in my head since I first saw it at a quilt show more than 2 years ago.  When I saw Corey's latest Bakeshop project I knew I had finally found the perfect project for Hello Betty.  There was something about her quilt that just made me think immediately of that line.  Do you ever do that?  Most of the time I find projects I like and then search for the perfect fabric.  This time it was an instant knowing that I had to make that quilt and I had to use Hello Betty to do it.  My layer cake came in the mail today and I've already started cutting my pieces.  Twisted Fandango is still in the works but the boarders aren't coming out the way I want and so I'm taking a break from it for a little while.  Don't worry, I will push through it and finish it.  But for now some easy sewing in my hectic life is what I'm after.

I love the way all these little pieces look when cutting.

Hello Betty


  1. I think it's so nice that you and your mom share quilting as a hobby. My mom quilted, too, and I inherited all her tools and her unfinished projects. Her husband sends me big boxes of her stash from time to time, and I find we have little overlap in taste, but from time to time I pull out a few yards of gorgeousness.

  2. My grandmother likes VERY traditional fabrics but she always has nice things to say about the stuff I make. To each her own!

  3. I am sooo excited you are using my tutorial!--Can't wait to see how it turns out using Hello Betty. My mom and I have tastes similiar to how you and your mom sound. We can both appreciate the other's choices but we each have very distinct & different tastes in fabric.


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