Thursday, April 24, 2014

Complications (Finish It Up Friday)

I am so excited to have another finish to share with you this week.  I guess that is the only good part about getting two quilts back at the same time.  It makes for a few quick finishes.

This is Complications!  It is made all from Bonnie & Camille fabrics and uses fabrics from Ruby, Marmalade, and Vintage Modern.  I had a lot of fun making this quilt despite the many times I was frustrated about it.  You can read more about the journey here, here,here, and here.  Overall I LOVE the way this one turned out.

My only complaint would be that it is too small.  When I first finished the quilt top it was 63 by 72 and I thought that was big enough for a good throw.  Since this one also doesn't have my typical warm and white batting and the quilting is pretty dense it shrunk a lot more than I expected it would.  When I laid it out to take the pictures it almost seems like a baby quilt to me.  Of course it isn't that small but I like BIG quilts.  I want to cover my toes and shoulders at the same time.

I used a single print for the back and the binding.  I found it on sale and had intended to use it for the back of my Marmalade Squares & Stripes quilt but I miscalculated and it was a smidge too small for that one.  So instead I used it here.  I was planning on putting a bright pink print on the back of this one but I think the grey grounds the edges well and it all worked out this way.

This one was also quilted by a local long arm in a pumpkin seed pattern.  I talked about doing a possible series of post on this quilt with some tutorials and instructions on how mine was made along with the inspiration behind it.  I'm still thinking all of that through but look for an update soon.  Head on over to Amanda Jean's and see what everyone else is finishing up this Friday.


  1. Oh, this is a beautiful and inviting sweet...and you battled and WON!
    Love that you shared this...

  2. Beautiful quilts! Love the fabrics you used.


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