Friday, April 18, 2014

Swoon (Finish It Up Friday)

My favorite block

My Swoon quilt is finally finished.  I haven't even had a chance to take good pictures of it yet but I just couldn't wait to share it with you guys.  My parents bought me the quilt kit such a long time ago and I waiting a long time to get started.  I finally finished piecing the top last year and took it to the long arm to be quilted around October of last year.

Should have known it wasn't big enough.

My long arm quilter started having problems with her machine and needed to have it serviced so she wasn't able to quilt this beauty.  So I picked it back up and later dropped it off with a new long arm quilter to work some magic.  I had envisioned using this quilt in the summer on my bed.  I don't like having a big comforter on the bed in the summer because I get too hot.  Unfortunately this one isn't big enough now to use on it's own.

Swoon Cuddles

I typically use warm and white batting but this one has heirloom in it-it's a long story about some lost batting and confusion.  Turns out the two quilts I had quilted by the new long arm both ended up with this batting.  It a lot more plush than warm and white and it also shrunk a lot more.  I'm still in love with this quilt and I'm so glad to add it to my collection but the quest for the perfect summer quilt continues.

The fabric on this one is all Ruby by Bonnie & Camille.  The pattern is Swoon by Camille.  It is quilted in large baptist fans.

I promise better pictures once it isn't so wet and yucky outside.


  1. It really has been a struggle to get pictures this year, hasn't it? I run out whenever I can. Your Swoon turned out great. I know, my own bed it the one I can't quite seem to make the perfect quilt for.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful work!

  3. Swoooooon! Ah, love this so much! :)


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