Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I'm not sure I have much to share today.  After finishing up those two quilt tops over the weekend I haven't touched my machine.  I am thinking a lot about what I want to work on next and feeling overwhelmingly like I need to finish some of my started projects.  That got me thinking about what projects I have outstanding and if in reality I want to finish them.  I think some of them are destine to stay in the unfinished pile forever.

I really need to pick back up my mystery quilt.  My mom finished the top of hers already so it's no longer a true mystery but all the same I stalled on this one as soon as we opened the instructions for step 2 and I saw all those HST's.  I don't usually mind them but in this case-there are a TON!

I also have this project that I started for an Old Red Barn Challenge forever ago.  I don't really see myself finishing this but I have four of these really large blocks done and I'm thinking they would sew up into a good size baby quilt pretty easily.  I don't really need to make any more baby quilts right now but I do want to work on my FMQ and that's the best way to get practice, right?

Photo Thanks to Michael Rosenmertz

Okay and here is one picture from my trip to Bolivia-I promise more coming soon.  This is right after this mom found out her son would receive surgery for his cleft palate.  I just need to get my thoughts together and figure out which stories to share.  Head on over to Lee's to see what everyone else is working on.  And if you have ideas about what I should work on next let me know.  I could use a little inspiration.

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  1. That sounds like a perfect plan to get FMQ practice! And are you on IG? You'll never wish for more inspiration the moment you start following people... endless temptation!


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