Sunday, January 17, 2010

Slow and Steady

My mother use to tell me slow and steady wins the race. But I have always been one to take on a million projects at a time and then go at them all with great enthusiasm. Well for the first few days anyway. I tend to get bored easily and often loose interest in things before they ever really get off the ground. Such is the case with the paintbox quilt along I signed up for last week. I read about it thanks to someone in one of my flicker groups and I really liked the layout of the quilt. I ordered my Kona rollup and even posted about it along with a few others here so all of you could join in the fun. Then I waited and even though my Kona rollup was shipped really quickly and I got it the next day it felt like I was waiting forever because I placed the order on a Saturday. (The rollup came the next Tuesday.)

I ordered the "New Colors" roll up and now I'm wondering if I made a mistake. There are a lot of colors in there but a lot of them are very close to being the same. Including two awkward shades of sea foam green that I just can't find anything to match. Before the fabric came I spent hours online looking at fabric and matching things up. Then my rollup came and I thought it was blah. There wasn't as much variety as I was expecting after looking at the above photo. And the colors seem more muted in person. I don't know if it has enough variation for the overall look I am going for. I picked these two color combinations to do first because they are two of my current favorites. I was hoping it would turn around my thoughts on the project and make me excited again.

I like the over all look of these four blocks but they are some of the most cheery in the group. I guess I just need to get some more of them done so I can get a real feel for the overall look. I didn't get much sewing done this weekend because I wasn't home much and the time I was home I needed to get caught up on some of the household chores. Not a lot of fun there. I did manage to finish my first two sets of blocks which means I'm only 12 blocks behind. I'm hoping to get caught up this week but first I have some bee commitments to finish up for January. Two of the February bee members have already sent their packages so those should be arriving shortly. They are both coming from overseas. Okay not really one is coming from Canada but from what I've been reading about their mail system it might as well be across the world.

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  1. We have a lot in common with changing projects and sometimes they are not what I thought or had hoped. Keep going they generally get better and in the end, you ask "I am not sure why I was fighting this, it's great!" Good luck!


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