Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sew Day ur um Snow Day

When you live on the east coast of Virginia near the beach snow isn't really one of those things you think about much. I really enjoyed the two years we lived in Charlottesville, VA because of the snow but here in an area where no one owns a snow shovel and plows are pretty much nonexistent I think I'd prefer to stay inside out of the snow and away from the crazy people who are pretending to know how to drive. Here is what my backyard looked like a few hours ago and it hasn't stopped snowing since.

On a happier note the snow means I don't have to spend the day running around doing all the chores that normally consume my Saturdays and I get to sew instead. Leanne sent out some beautiful fabrics for her blocks for February. Luckily I received them before the snow hit. She sent each person different fabrics and overall I think she has more than 40 going into this quilt. She asked for log cabins and left the other specifics to us. She didn't necessarily want a light and dark side. She wasn't particular about where anything went she just asked that we let the fabric tell us what to do. I have to admit it wasn't hard. As soon as I saw the fabrics I received they made me happy. I've had them sitting out on the table since they came two days ago and this morning I just jumped right it. The first block I made I used the flow of the colors to determine the placement and it was great. All of the fabrics she sent just seemed to flow into each other.

I just couldn't resist snapping a picture of the finished blocks in the snow. They are so happy and against the bright white with natural light. Well what can I say I've always been a sucker for those pictures of finished quilts in snow cover trees and since this never happens here who knows when I will get to take another picture of some pretty quilt blocks on a snow covered porch. I know this quilt is going to look amazing when she is done and it makes me want to make one too. That's the only draw back to bees I have so far. With each little package I receive I see more fabric that is a must have and more quilt ideas that I'm not sure I will ever get to. Well I'm off to sew more but check back later I just might have a very productive day.


  1. We have snow all the time in Canada - nothing new for us - but I'm having a special sewing weekend, too, since my husband and daughter have gone to Montreal for the weekend to see his mom. I am still in my pajamas with no intention to change, and I've spent the whole day in front of the machine! I've got most of the day tomorrow for the same, although I expect I'll have to shower in there somewhere - lol! I plan to do Leanne's blocks tomorrow - yours look so good! I'm sure she'll be thrilled!

  2. I like what you have done with Leanne's fabrics. I've still to get started on mine but hopefully that will be this week, especially as February is a short month so need to get things done and in the post. It seems the whole world is having snow when normally they don't. We in England are having the coldest and snowiest winter since records began in 1914!

  3. I just love your blocks. You have done such a great job. I was worried that because the block itself was easy, that people wouldn't enjoy putting it together - I am glad to hear that the fabric makes it fun. Thanks so much for such wonderful blocks - you are just great to be in a Bee with!


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