Monday, January 25, 2010

Hope for Haiti

I'm sure you all know about the devastation in Haiti and the many relief efforts to help the individuals there. Working for a nonprofit organization I have seen the outpouring of LOVE for Haiti first hand. There are so many great organizations out there trying to help in whatever ways they can. With that said I want to encourage you all to go over to Beth's blog and take a look at a few auction items. I have refrained from posting about the many great programs until now because I knew I couldn't list them all and I didn't want to pick a choose a few favorites. But I am going to tell you about these items because I had a hand in making one of them. Last October/November I participated in a scrappy Christmas block swap over on Beth's blog. Each person from the swap made an extra block which we sent to Beth to be made into charity items. As it turns out they were finished just in time for this auction. So what are you still doing here...Go on Beth is waiting for you bid. And just so you know my block is in one of the tree skirts. Hope you have a great Monday.

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