Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pinwheels for a Cause

Recently as I was browsing through blogland one of the blogs I read had a link to a project that Kathy and Amber are working on. Together they are making quilts to donate to the children of a local children's hospital. They asked for pinwheel blocks so that they would all match and could easily be sewn into quilts for these children. You can read about the inspiration for this project here. I recently asked my friends on flickr to help me out by making No no arm bands to send on a mission with the nonprofit that I work for and once again I was overwhelmed by the generosity of my online friends. So when I saw this project I new I needed to make a couple of blocks. So I whipped up two blocks in pink for a little girls quilt and two more in green for a boys quilt. I am mailing them off to Amber in the morning and I hope they will make it into a quilt for a couple of very special kids.


  1. They look lovely and for a good cause too

  2. I'm still making it around to everyone's blog...the outpouring has been overwhelming! Such a blessing. There was an article published in today's Winnipeg Free Press about the cause you are contributing to. The link is: and you can also see my post about it on my blog. Thanks much!


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