Thursday, April 15, 2010

ORBC = Happy Mail Day

You may remember reading about all of my adventures with the United States postal service and a certain package that was bound for Marguerite back around the Christmas Holidays. Well the ladies over at the ORBC decided it was time for round two and chose a "may we always be friends" theme for the swap. My package came today and Molly, really outdid herself. Here's a look at the box just because I got a giggle out of it.

Inside were all kinds of goodies. Molly even sent along some special treats for Rusty and Ali. I don't talk a lot about the dogs here so I don't know how Molly knew I was a bit of a snob about their treats but she pegged me right. I assume it is because she takes such good care of her own "assistant." Early on my husband was a bit fanatical about what the dogs ate and we decided then not to give them things like raw hide and beggin strips. Sorry I know a lot of people give these treats to their pets we just decided it wasn't for us. I had never seen the treats Molly sent along but the dogs loved them and I can pronounce all of the ingredients so I was happy as well.

Molly pegged me as a toffee fan which by the way is my favorite. And would you check out those super cute coasters she made from the new frolic line. And yes, I see you over there drooling over that jolly pack of Wonderland but this ones mine. And just because I can't let you think I got all the good stuff, here is a sneak peak at what is on it's way to my partner. A little Anna Marie Horner, Tina Givens, and even some Heather Bailey.


  1. Hi Greta is Heather Bailey one of your favourites? I have some of her scraps on their way to me which I could use in your block if you like.

  2. I'm super picky about what I give my dog too! No preservatives, additives, etc. It's funny, I'm not usually so fanatical like that but for some reason I just want to make sure that my "assistant" gets only the best. :)

  3. Excellent swap package. This just rocks. We are pretty picky about the dog foods too. Our treats go the way of hip and joint builders and natural ingredients. Abby herself is a cookie fiend and will do anything for a hip and joint cookie. I'm good with that.


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