Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lesly's Flower Garden

In March for my Modern Tradition Bee Lesly sent along a lovely linen and fabrics in two colors. She asked for monochromatic blocks using grandma's flower garden. Lucky for me I got pink and orange as my two colors. Not sure if Lesly knew those were my favorite colors and that I have been collecting fabrics for an orange and pink quilt or not but it made pulling in some of my own really easy. I had a lot of fun with these blocks. At first I was really intimidated because Lesly did such a great job on her example blocks. I wasn't sure what I could do to make mine different.

Amazing right, so how do you really change that up? Well there are some really creative girls in my group and they did amazing things with this block. Here's what I learned in making these blocks. Linen is a bit more slippery then my quilting cotton. It took some getting use to to make sure the seams were nice and straight. Ironing required a lot of patience, I'm not sure I really ever got all of the wrinkles out of my blocks. See I like steam and a lot of it, I don't iron (one chore I have made the hubs do since we got married) but I'm pretty sure somewhere along the way my mom taught me steam and linen are not a good match so I kept the iron on super low.

Looks like there is a huge difference in Lesly's snowy backdrop up there in Canada and the nice spring green grass here in Virginia.


  1. These are fun and the fabric is great! Good job and I am sure, she will love them. FYI... I haven't finished my blocks for Kristan either... I did get Wanda's blocks and got them sent back. I am looking forward to May's block. Spring is here which brings a fresh breath of air and new outlook!!! Happy Piecing!

  2. Like what you did with these blocks. I am really looking forward to seeing the quilt finished in all it's glory...... Can't wait to get your fabric and start on our block for April. Hope it comes soon.


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