Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday

It's hard to believe that it is already Wednesday again already.  I made some great progress on a few things this week.  I finished up the baby quilt top that I was working on thanks to some unexpected time on Friday afternoon.

Then I decided that I was going to start knocking some of those WIP's off my list.  I looked through my pile and decided that it was about time I finish up my Sunny Trails quilt.  I started this quilt back in January of 2012 and after sewing up 15 of the 20 required 16 patch squares I stalled.  Maybe because cutting fabric is my least favorite part of the process.  However, when I looked at my stacks of half finished projects I thought it was about time I finished this one up.  I quickly sewed up the 5 remaining  16 patch blocks.

After that it was simple enough to cut the strips from the solids and after a night of TV watching I had the lines drawn on the backs of the solid yellow and gray squares.  Now that I have all of the smaller parts done it is just a matter of getting the blocks sewn together.

I managed to make just one of these blocks this week which turned out to be a blessing.  I have really paid attention to making sure that the text prints are all running the same way.  The instructions call for making 20 blocks and then laying them out in a 4 by 5 layout.  But as I was looking at the layout again last night after finishing the first block I realized that every other block is turned.  So I need to adjust the position of the text in those blocks to account for that.  It makes a ton of sense but had I just made all 20 of my blocks before laying them out as I had planned to do I would have had text going all sorts of crazy ways.

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  1. love the sunny trails quilt, look great, looks like it is lots of piecing!

  2. I made a quilt with this fabric once. It makes your blocks look like little pieces of spring.

  3. The baby quilt is adorable! I think it coordinates really well with the bedding in the other post... incidentally, I fell in love with that bedding myself when I was pregnant with my 18 month old... my hubby vetoed it because he thought it was too girly, lol.

  4. Really cute projects! Fun fabrics and pretty colors.


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