Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I am still slowly getting settled into the apartment so sewing is slow going but I have been trying to fit in a little time here and there.  The trouble is I seem to have left my mojo somewhere.  Several things I've tried just don't seem to be working out.

 I ordered fabrics for the baby quilt last week.  In full disclosure I must have been rushing to try and get fabric ordered in time to have it to sew over the long weekend.  Monday being a holiday here in the states meant and extra day off with some time to finally sew.  At least there would have been if there had been fabric and not an unexpected trip to the vet.  At any rate when my fabrics came yesterday I opened the bag from Hawthorne Threads first and was excited at the colors in the stripe and the multi colored houndstooth.

Oops that won't work
But then I opened the bag from and the first thing my hand touched was the rough thick fabric.  I immediately thought there was something in my bag that wasn't suppose to be.  But then when I pulled the stack of goodness out I found that no in fact it was exactly what I ordered.  In my haste to get just the right balance of colors I accidentally order three fabrics that were a medium weight non quilting fabric.  So those have been scrapped from the pile.

I added in a few pieces from my very limited stash and I think I am almost there.  I also forgot to order the multicolor polka dots that I had planned to use for binding.  So I'll have to place another order but that won't be hard since I know now that I have to add some of that stripe and houndstooth to my stash.  They are the perfect shades of bright.

Too many blocks or not enough blocks
So while I was waiting for these fabrics to come I thought I would work on my Farmer's Wife Quilt.  Since I have every intention of making a second one I decided I no longer felt the need to make all 111 blocks for this one.  I thought I could easily make something between the throw size and the twin size with the blocks I had.  But with that missing mojo I couldn't figure it out.  I have something like 69 blocks made and honestly I just don't want to make a lot more.  I didn't want to discard 19 blocks to make the throw size in the book and I didn't want to make 14 more blocks to get the number necessary for the twin size.

This could work
Eventually I settled on arranging the blocks in rows instead of on point and removing just two blocks.  It was fine because the weren't the strongest blocks I made and I figured I could always use them in the quilt back somehow.  I had picked up brown sashing fabric last week and I a light mint green for the setting triangles.  I wanted something a little less expected and thought going with the mint green would do that.  But the more I looked at it the more I thought about mint chocolate chip ice cream.  And now of course that is all I can see. With the new layout I don't need the mint green but once I started sewing the brown strips I'm not sure I really like it either.  So now I think I am just going to put this one away for a little while and think about what to do next.
Just not sure about the brown
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  1. Your Farmer's Wife Quilt blocks are amazing!

  2. Your Farmer's wife blocks are stunning!!! And from the picture where they are in rows, in my opinion you are ready to piece an excellent top!!

  3. I love your FW blocks, The rows setting looks better for me.

  4. Your farmers wife blocks look great!

  5. Wow! That quilt in stunning! I can't even imagine the amount of time it took to make those blocks! I bow down to you! haha

  6. The blocks look so terrific with the carpet showing through. Maybe you just need a light brown for the sashing on this one?

  7. that quilt is BEAUTIFUL! just GORGEOUS!!! I didn't even attempt that quilt along :)
    fun and cute fabric stack you have there!

  8. Wow, love your farmer's wife blocks, they look beautiful!

  9. wow that is quite a project, good for you, it looks great!! I missed WIP this week, but thought I would still check out some others

  10. I love your FW blocks and I think the brown is lovely- it frames them beautifully. But I also like your idea about mint choc chip - how about using it as a border - either as a wide border or a narrow one with more brown beyond it - however you do it, it will look stunning, I'm sure!


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