Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow Day Sewing

I live on the Southeast tip of Virginia and it rarely snows here.  Of course that means we have no equipment to deal with such events.  That's bad news if you need to go somewhere but great news if you have a super nice boss who closes the office early and lets you go home.  So Friday I got to go home at 1 pm and while I was cozy in my sewing room I was reading on Facebook about all my friends stuck in traffic for 2-3 hours to make their less than 10 mile commute.  I was so thankful not to be one of those people.  Hard to believe that  it will be almost 70 by midweek.  Even better, the gift of time that I would not normally have meant I was able to get some sewing done on the baby quilt.

This quilt top actually went together pretty quickly.  I ended up making just a few 4 patches in place of some of those larger squares.  I originally sewed some two patches to replace the rectangles but it just didn't look right.  The bright colors of my solids seemed to overwhelm the quilt so I reduced the number of large squares in solid and added in a few more tree prints.  Overall I am happy with the look and think the multiple shades of pink leave no doubt that this is a quilt for a baby girl while the bright colors still make it more my style.  Hopefully mu aunt will be happy with it and my cousin will love using it for her little girl.

PS-Does anyone happen to know what the heart fabric is?  I received it on a swap and didn't have the selvage with the name and designer.

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