Monday, February 4, 2013

The Back of the Closet

So I will be the first to admit I have quilting ADD.  I started trying to work my way through the projects in my sewing room a little at a time.  I was working on my Sunny Trails quilt but I was getting frustrated because the blocks weren't playing nice.  Then like something shinny in the corner of my room I saw my Swoon quilt kit that my parents had given me over a year ago.  Of course this meant I had to start working on that instead.  So I picked up the pieces of my Sunny Trails quilt and moved on to Swoon.  I think I told you guys that we recently moved.  In all of my wisdom I stacked most of my sewing things in the closet of the spare bedroom.  At the time this made total sense because I was going to use a corner of the spare room as my sewing space.  What I didn't anticipate is that I would stack a ton of stuff in front of that closet door.  So I needed to sharpen my fabric pencils to mark the lines on the back of the HST blocks.  I knew I had two pencil sharpeners in a box but they were in that back corner of the closet.  What to do?  Well I had to go to Petsmart to get some supplies for the pup so no problem I popped into Target and picked up a .69 cent pencil sharpener.  No harm, no foul.  But then when I was ready to trim up those HST blocks I realized that my Tucker Trimmer was also in said box.  No fair!  Now this closet has two doors so I tried every maneuver possible to avoid unstacking the boxes blocking the second door.  Of course nothing worked so I ended up spending a little over an hour of my sewing time moving around the room to get to the two boxes still in the closet with sewing items in them.  Of course this was what seemed like the 107th time I had moved these boxes so I made sure nothing sewing related went back in the closet.  I need to figure out where to put everything but clearly the closet is not the correct option.  At least not for now.

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  1. Oh I love that color combo! I'm glad you unearthed this little beauty as I may blatently copy the lime green/grey in my next project. Love it!


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