Thursday, January 12, 2012

Holy Quilt Along Batman!

So along with all the list, resolutions, and goals popping up all over the internet for 2012 there are also a ton of new quilt alongs to get those creative juices flowing.  Have you seen them?  Are you looking for something to do?  Do you need a fun project to jump start your 2012 sewing?  I'm not going to claim this to be a comprehensive list because I am sure I have missed some.  If you know of a quilt along I've left out please leave a link in the comments.  I always love to check them out when I can.

Jeni and Megan are hosting this fun little quilt along.  The first post on choosing fabrics went up today.  I am thinking this would be a great opportunity to make a child size quilt to complete the goal of making more quilts to donate.  I love the solid colors she used in the button but I am sure some fun prints would look equally as amazing.

Rachel is also currently hosting a quilt along.  Now this little ditty is more like a support group for scrap addicts.  The goal is to finish a quilt made from scraps by March.  It can even be a project you started a long time ago.  But of course their are tons of new ideas and inspiration over in the flickr pool as well.

This is a fun little quilt along I just happened to stumble across.  To be honest I'm not sure where I first saw it but I'm super excited about this one.  There was a mock up in Echo and Heath that was just amazing.  So I am pretty sold that I am going to order those fabrics to make this quilt for a dear friend for her 2012 Christmas/Birthday gift.  They are both in December and I figure that should give me plenty of time to finish this.  It's pretty massive at 80 by 80 but I've been told it is super easy and will go together quickly.

This quilt along being hosted by Shelia looks like a lot of fun.  In fact my mom and I have Zippity Doo Dah fabric we ordered to make 4th of July Picnic Quilts with but our original plan didn't turn out so I am thinking this quilt along might be the perfect plan for using those fabrics and actually getting our 4th of July Quilts done.  Maybe we can even finish them in time to use them this year.  We have a neighborhood picnic each year on the 4th of July and it's bring your own seating.

So there you have it four fun and exciting quilt alongs.  I'm sure there are many more out there these are just a few that I've seen popping up over the last little bit and thought I would share with you.  All of these pictures have links back to pages with more information as well so be sure to check them out.  And remember if you have more to share please just link them up in the comments.  I'd love to hear about them.

****Edited to add****
I don't know how I managed to forget this one in my list yesterday but Elizabeth is also hosting a Sparkle Punch Quilt Along.  I loved this quilt from the start I was contemplating how to make a quilt top based on this quilt but with a lot of negative space when she announced the quilt along.  I'm planning on using a gray and blue bundle I bought for another project that never happened to make this one in baby size for a friend who added her first little one in December.

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