Monday, November 1, 2010

Manic Monday

I really love that song and it about sums up my day. Did you know November is some sort of something about blogging everyday during the month? I have no disillusions about pulling that off but it looks pretty neat and you can win some cool prizes. If you have time to blog everyday this month go check it out. I will be in Texas next week making some long overdue visits all because my aunt (Hi Aunt Fran) was smart enough to ask me on her birthday when I was coming to visit and wasn't happy when my answer was next July. So I got to talking with my mom and dad and what do you know it worked out that not only are my mom and dad going but so is my brother and sister in law. I actually don't think all 6 of us have ever been there all at the same time. Okay I could talk about how excited I am to finally get to see these people for a long time so I'll spare you the details and move on to quilt like stuff.

I am busy trying to make sure all of my bee commitments are up to date before I leave because I know when I get back I will be making that mad dash to get Christmas gifts done before the holidays. So for the past week or so I have had mini log cabins in my head. I couldn't remember why. I received fabric today from Nicole for the November blocks for the Circuit Bee. One of the photos in her inspiration mosaic showed small log cabins. She asked for improv style blocks using the Glenn Bee style. I'll admit I'm not really all that familiar so I just looked at her inspiration photos. I got busy sewing along on these 3 mini log cabin blocks. When I finished the three little log cabins and was moving fabrics around to fill in the rest I moved another package on my sewing table. Bingo! Now I remember where the mini log cabins were coming from. November in the Fussy Cut Bee. For that bee there was a theme of mini log cabins in the inspiration board. So it looks like I'll be doing more mini log cabins tomorrow. I was hoping to get the two blocks done for Nicole tonight but it's been a long crazy day and so I am heading off to bed. Hoping tomorrow will bring some new inspiration and happy sewing.

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  1. Er...welcome to Texas! The weather is actually pretty fine right now. The block is really pretty. I have to say, having blogged daily for two years straight, that it gets a bit overwhelming to keep coming up with things for posting. Especially if you have down times when there just isn't "material" for posting. Dogs, dogs, all the time :)


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