Saturday, November 13, 2010


You know when you want to title a blog post with something cute and sort of smart to grab every one's attention and get them to read what you have to say, well lets just pretend I did that here okay. After what felt like a whirlwind trip to Texas and back I have locked myself in my sewing room today, did you know it's only 6 weeks until Christmas. Yikes I better get busy if I'm going to have everything done in time. Maybe I should start with those "almost" finished gifts from last year that I haven't worked on since giving up on them making it under the tree in time. But I have so many new ideas that I want to try and get done, why can't we have 26 hours in a day instead of 24? If we stopped messing with the clocks eventually we would gain time, right?

So while I have been busy today I still don't have much to show for it. I have one project sans boarders but I can't show you that because it's a surprise. Hah Hah, I laugh because everyone who knows me knows I am horrible at keeping secrets especially ones that involve gifts of the homemade variety. I'll just put it out there that sometime between now and Christmas it is bound to end up on the blog. Enough about that though here's what I can show you. I finished up this second improv block for Nicole for November in the Circuit Bee, it's hard to believe but that bee has 11 months of bee blocks down and only one more to go (well I technically still have 2 because I have to do the ones for a month I sorta skipped). It was a little ironic that Nicole asked for improv blocks because I did the same back in August because I just had no idea how to go about putting together my husbands UNC quilt when he asked for something simple with straight lines. But here is a look at my two blocks together.

After that I moved on to the November blocks for my Spider Web Bee. I'm not sure how many more months there are in that bee because we have skipped a few times and moved them to the end of the original time frame. I love the bright blue kites with the fabrics that were sent. Most of the strips are Bliss but there are a few others thrown in there including that great polka dot. The original instructions didn't request the white around the blue so I had one almost done before I saw that request in the discussion thread. I think one of each will be fine though because there were some overachievers who finished their blocks before it came up in the discussion.

I did run out of fabric and the only Bliss I have is in the form of a charm pack so I added some scraps of Hunky Dory I had left. I'm thinking this color combo would make a great Christmas quilt. Maybe just because I'm in the holiday spirit (it is in 6 weeks) or maybe because my tree is blue and silver, or maybe just because I realized that those reds and greens look like they would make some great Christmas decorations. I already made a mental note to myself to be sure and pick up some yardage of a few of the prints for some holiday decor. Well Bertha and I have a date to get at least one more thing checked off the to do list tonight so until next time I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Well you have been busy and why is it always a surprise that Christmas is so near? Every year it is the same and I always promise myself that next year I won't be on the last minute so here's to next year!!!

  2. very cool - i love the blue/yellow blocks. the top photo, the fabric on the far right, i really like that one, it reminds me of hawaiin applique. i don't think i spelled hawaiin right just then. i looks wrong plus it has a red underline but i'm not really sure how to spell it!

  3. Your blocks are great. I think this is the reason that I don't do Christmas. Too much pressure.


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