Monday, November 22, 2010


The only problem with sewing when you can't sleep is that by the time morning comes around you spend a lot of time with your buddy the seam ripper. Saturday night I just couldn't sleep so after finishing piecing a project a can't show you just yet (don't you hate reading that on blogs) I decided to start in on the next thing on the list. After all Christmas is now only 5 weeks away and quickly approaching. I know you don't need that reminder any more than I do. With the goal of giving more Homemade gifts this year the hubs and I agreed a while back that I would make a quilt for his dad and his girlfriend (yes the dads girlfriend, not my husbands). I knew when I first saw the Pure line that it would be a near perfect choice as it would match the colors used to decorate their house. I was unsettled on a pattern until I saw this one over at Moda Bakeshop. It looked easy enough and so I ordered the materials made a few changes and had all the pieces cut. Saturday I sat down matched up the squares to make into half square triangles and then trimmed them all down after saying I was going to bed. Didn't stop there and I added the small rectangle to the blocks. Pretty proud of myself I finally went to bed at 3am. Wide awake by 8:30 on Sunday I sat down and added the side piece and squared up all my blocks again. Which left me with this good looking pile of progress.

Only then when I went to layout the quilt did I realize that the half square triangles were directional. Who would have thought. I only had to rip apart 16 of them which took most of the day Sunday but before calling it a day again at midnight last night I managed to get the first 2 of the larger blocks sewn together. I'm pretty happy with how things are looking so far and I'm ready to get rolling on the rest of the blocks and the boarders.

I even have a plan for the back so the goal is to have the top and back pieced by Thursday so I can rope my dad into helping me baste it while my mom is busy basting the turkey. Love that teamwork.


  1. I love the fabrics. As they say "more haste less speed". Oh how I know that!!

  2. This one is definitely interesting.


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