Saturday, October 16, 2010


You know that stack of quilt magazines and books that you've collected over time because there was A project in it that you wanted to do. If you are anything like me then you know that feeling all to well. You see one thing you want to make and you purchase the book (I use to be the same way with music, then itunes came along) thinking oh I'll find something else I like in here. Well I got a copy of Camille Roskelley's book for my birthday and in all fairness I had to share my thoughts on this with you. I spent two day just looking through the book. I read some of the commentary which is written in a similar down to earth way as Camille's blog. I haven't read all of it yet but I can tell you unlike a lot of books where I just read the pattern I'm working on I will be reading this one cover to cover and probably more than once.

I would however like to ask Camille what part of this book is suppose to simplify my life. Maybe because of my need to come up with solutions for a few more Christmas presents, my quilting ADD, and because I'm this close to finishing the front of my Freshcuts Square Dance quilt another project is taking shape on my sewing table. I'm afraid this is the only sneak peak of the project that you'll get until after Christmas because while I'm not positive I have a pretty good idea that the recipient reads my blog from time to time. So far the hardest part about this project is that since I cut my pieces from fat quarters I already had instead of using a charm pack it took me a while to do all of the cutting. Otherwise I would say this is a project that could probably be completed start to finish in a long weekend. Some of you faster quilters could probably even do it in a day.

In other "stupid news" I figured out today what was wrong with my rotary cutter. A while back I changed the blade. Everything was fine but it was leaving this fuzz everything I cut. Even my dad commented to me about it. I just put it away and used another one. Today though when the blade in that one needed changing I decided to change the other one instead thinking maybe I had just gotten a bum blade or something. Turns out having two blades on your cutter at one time makes fuzz. I know it's these little things that make you all wonder how I've made it as long as I have.

This little cutie came to live with me as a birthday gift from my friend Mary. Turns out our birthdays are only about a week apart. See I told you guys I have some of the best online friends ever.


  1. Love your new pillow. Sorta funny about the rotary blade. Weird things we all do huh?

  2. i will gladly christmas 'swap' with you if little ms shabby doesn't pick us ;)
    i recommended we swap with each other~the commenters~why not include everyone! :)

  3. hehehe the rotary blade, sounds SO much like something I would do. Like the time I put two contacts in one eye. How have I even lived this long?


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