Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Block That Almost

Did Me In

Way back at the start of July (yes I know it's October, don't judge me) Lydia sent along this great Happy Campers fabric and asked for a star block to make a concert quilt for her and her husband. At that moment I was pretty caught up on my bee blocks so I got started right away. Back in February at the Quilt Show I went to with my mom and dad I had picked up a few new tools. Well I LOVE my Tucker Trimmer, it makes those half square triangles so much easier to get just right. At the same time I had bought the wing clipper but I hadn't tried it out yet. I made up the first 4 flying geese blocks for the block and they turned out perfect. I was so excited I thought this was going to make flying geese into something I didn't mind so much. But then went I made the next set of four in the other color way something went really really wrong. I sewed something backwards and ended up with a seam on the front of my points. Okay that wasn't such a big deal I could try again. So I made another set of four. No way, they were all wonky and not even close to being the right size. I couldn't even use them because they weren't even something I could pretend to trim to the right size.

Frustrated I put the block away thinking I would just come back to it in a few days and everything would be fine. Well when I looked again I realized I only had enough fabric for one more attempted and if it wasn't right I wouldn't be able to try again. So I let that block sit there for a while. To be honest I was scared of that block. Scared because I didn't have any more Happy Campers fabric should I have another Epic Fail. Scared because I didn't know what the solid was and I was quickly using all I had in these failed attempts. Scared because I just didn't want to mess that block up any more. Well the other day I took that block back out determined to finish it and get it back to Lydia. Partly because I didn't want the block to conquer me, partly because I felt guilty for getting behind on my bee blocks, and partly because I just wanted to get the pieces cleaned up from my sewing space. Whatever the reason I managed to get the flying geese made with little trouble. I did however do it the good old fashion way and not with the wing clipper. I'll give him another chance someday but this was not that day. I started to assemble the block but when I went to trim up the center square I was feeling good that it ironed flat really well and all the points matched up. But as I was looking at it something just didn't seem right.

Yup leave it to me to sew the two pieces on upside down. Of course I didn't notice it until I had both side pieces on. So I pulled out four seams and redid the center square. After that I didn't have anymore trouble with this block and I think it looks pretty good as a finished product. But boy was that block rough. I can laugh about all of these silly mistakes now because the block is done. I hope you can laugh at all of these silly mistakes too. Sometimes I think that people who maintain blogs only share the things that go right. We don't get the chance to see the mistakes to often but I appreciate the fact that quilting is something I am learning to do and I believe the only way to really learn something is through trial and error. I'm not the only one sharing mistakes this week, be sure to check out this post for a good laugh and one of those that is something I would totally do moments.

I moved my sewing area into the spare room in our house over the weekend. Better than the dining area that is connected to our living room that I previously occupied. Well I realized I would really like a trash can in my sewing space for all of those little scraps and threads. I went looking for something really cheap but because I am a Target shopper the cheapest trash can I could find was $10 bucks. Not in this budget! Instead I found this "jar" in the bathroom section for 3 bucks. I really like it because it has a lid but the hole in the lid is just about the perfect size to slip those small pieces through.


  1. Oh this made me laugh, Greta - WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE! Good for you for pulling victory from the jaws of defeat! On another note, I was recently reading somewhere about the Tucker Trimmer and the Wing Clipper, but I've never seen them. I'm an incorrigible gadgeteer - what do you think of these tools (this post not withstanding!)?

  2. Oh, no! I hate to hear that you had so much trouble with my block! The finished product looks really good, though, and I'd never have known!

  3. Love the way the block finally turned out. I think you did really well!


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