Friday, March 14, 2014

Sunkissed Trails

I have been calling this quilt Sunny Trails from the beginning because that was the name Corey used when she made it for Moda Bake Shop and since I was using the Sunkissed line by Sweetwater it worked.  But as I was sewing on the binding I decided Sunkissed Trails was just as appropriate of a name and I just liked it a little better.  So I have now dubbed this one Sunkissed Trails.

So much prettier than my typical laundry

Finished front of quilt
Overall this quilt was fairly easy to put together because Corey has a great pattern written.  One thing I will say is if you are using directional prints make sure you pay attention before you sew all your blocks together. You actually end up rotating every other one.  I tried to be really careful to have all my words running the same way but in the end I still ended up with a few rouge pieces.

Binding going on-back fabric
I used the great polka dot line for the backing on this one.  I have to say I love this line as much now as I did when I started this quilt back in 2011.  It has one of the softest hands of any Moda fabric I have ever sewn with.  And it is just so bright and sunny and happy.  I had this one quilted by a longarmer with a pattern called Daisy's Galore in a soft yellow thread.  I think that's just the right touch.

Close up of the daisy quilting
If you want to read more about the journey of this quilt you can find previous post here, here, and here.

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