Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WIP Wednesday

All morning I thought today was Tuesday.  I can't believe that Wednesday is already here.  I have been super busy this week and not much sewing is taking place.  I did visit with my mom and dad on Saturday and get a few more quilt ready to go to the long arm.  I am making it a goal to learn more and improve my free motion quilting skills but I like BIG quilts and my machine has such a tiny throat it's really hard to quilt anything large on it.  I have a hard enough time with small items pulling because of their weight.  I can only imagine a BIG quilt.  But maybe I'll get there someday.

A lot of my time is being taken up right now by my prep for the trip to Bolivia.  Between getting vaccinations and trying to make sure I have the proper clothes its starting to feel a little overwhelming but I'm super excited about going.  Bertha is going to the sewing machine spa while I'm on this trip so hopefully we will both be refreshed when I get back and ready to make some great things.

I did manage to sew up block number 11 for my APQ Quilt Along Quilt.  This makes me just over half way done.  Seeing so many of the finished quilts popping up online has me itching to get mine finished as well.

I guess that is really it for me today.  Head over to Lee's to see what everyone else is up too.


  1. I like big quilts too and I can't manage to free motion them on my domestic machine either. Love the block you posted!

  2. block #11 is very pretty! that's a lot of tiny patchwork. =)


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